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The Idea Factory began business in Pollock Pines in 1985. Our primary focus at that time was design and print for small businesses and professionals within El Dorado County. Eventually the client base expanded to include clients in the Sacramento and Bay Areas and to include other areas of marketing and advertising to assist our clients. One of the early advertising projects was the production of the Pollock Pines-Camino Business & Services Directory which was mailed to 10,000 addresses in the area from 1986 to 1997. With the development of the Internet and the world wide web as additional opportunities to promote our clients' businesses, website design and hosting was added to the mix. For more information about The Idea Factory's services, please visit

To contact us, please write , phone (530) 644-5752,





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Business and Services Directory listings and information about them are created from information supplied from a paid advertiser in an earlier print version of the directory, from information supplied via the online "free listing" form, or from information supplied by postcard, written note, and only rarely by telephone or personal conversation from persons representing themselves to be associated with those businesses. No endorsement or recommendation of any business is intended by inclusion in the listings.